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How to Install Atom on MacOS


Atom is a free and open source Text editor which can be used for Linux, Windows and MacOS. It provides support for plugins written in Node.js. It is based upon electron which is a framework which can enable cross platform desktop applications using chromium and Node.js. Its first version was released on 25th January, 2015. It can also be used as an integrated development environment(IDE).

In this tutorial, we will learn the installation process of Atom on MacOS.


  1. MacOS
  2. Login as an administrator on terminal


The following steps are used in installation of Atom on MacOS.

1.Download and extract the file:

Download the zip file by official website of Atom http://www.atom.ioor by simply pasting the link the browser's search bar. The downloaded file will be an archived file (.zip) which needs to be extracted in order to install Atom. Use the following command to extract the archived file.

How to Install Atom on MacOS

2. Run Atom:

An executable file located at needs to be executed in order to launch Atom application.

How to Install Atom on MacOS

3. Install shell commands

To run the software globally on the system, we need to install the Shell Commands of Atom. For this purpose, go to the atom icon at the top left corner of the computer screen and choose install Shell Commands from the dropdown menu.

This will install all the shell commands related to the software.

How to Install Atom on MacOS

4.Test the application

To test, whether atom is successfully installed on the system or not, we can simply type Atom test.html on the terminal. This creates a file named as test.html.

How to Install Atom on MacOS How to Install Atom on MacOS

Well, we have successfully installed and tested Atom on our MacOS.

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