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How to Install InteliJ Idea on MacOS


InteliJ Idea is a Java integrated development environment for developing computer software. It is developed by JetBrains. It was released under Apache 2 Licensed community edition. Its first version was released in January, 2001. It was the first and only available IDE for Java development when it was released.

In this tutorial, we will install InteliJ Idea on MacOS.


  • MacOS
  • Login as an administrator on terminal.


The following steps are used to install Intelij Idea on MacOS.

1) Download the latest version

To install InteliJ Idea on MacOS, we will first download the latest version by visiting its official website I.e. the file will be downloaded in disk image format which needs to be mounted first in order to install the application.

2) Mount the Application

The downloaded file needs to be mounted to the Volumes directory. This will be done with hdiutil command.

Macos InteliJ Idea 1

3) Copy the application into Application directory

The mounted file needs to be installed to the application directory. This will be done by copying the application file created inside Volumes directory to the Applications Directory. This could also be done by simply dragging and dropping application file to the Applications.

Macos InteliJ Idea 2

4) Unmount the application

The application needs to be unmounted after the installation. This can be done by a simple command given below.

5) Getting started with InteliJ Idea

Well, InteliJ Idea is installed on our system. Now we have to start it. If we search in the applications then we find an icon like following.

Macos InteliJ Idea 3

Double click on the icon to launch the application. This will look like following.

Macos InteliJ Idea 4

Well, we have successfully installed the InteliJ Idea on our MacOS.

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