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Software Installation in Mac OS

Software Installation on Mac

There are given a list of 35+ softwares which can be installed on Mac OS. All installation pages have prerequisites and images so that you can easily understand the installation process.

Programming Languages in Mac OS

Install Java
Install Php
Install Python
Install Swift
Install Ruby

Database in Mac OS

Install MySQL
Install MariaDB
Install MongoDB
Install CouchDB
Install Cassandra

Web Server in Mac OS

Install Apache
Install Nginx
Install GlassFish
Install XAMPP

Development Tools in Mac OS

Install phpMyAdmin
Install Eclipse
Install NetBeans
Install Google Chrome
Install VIM
Install InteliJ Idea
Install PyCharm
Install Atom
Install Sublime Text 2
Install OpenOffice
Install Composer
Install Bluefish
Zip Unzip Directory

Web Frameworks in Mac OS

Install Wordpress
Install Node.js
Install Drupal
Install CodeIgniter
Install Zend
Install CakePHP
Install Laravel
Install Magento
Install YII

Multimedia in Mac OS

Install GIMP
Install VLC

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