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How to Set Timer in Java?

Java Timer Class

In Java, Timer is a class that belong to the java.util package. It extends the Object class and implements the Serializable interface. The class provides the constructors and methods that can be used to perform time related activities. Using the Timer class, we can schedule the task which we want to execute at a particular time.

Note that the Timer class is a thread-safe class. It means that only a thread can execute the timer class method. Another point to note that the class uses binary heap data structure to store its task.

Timer Java Programs

Scheduling a Task to be Executed by Timer Thread


Wish You Very Happy Birthday!!

Let's see another Java program in which we have executed a task after a specific interval of time.


You have a notification!

The program takes 10 seconds to display message on the console.

Start and stop a Timer


How to Set Timer in Java

Similarly, we can also create a countdown timer using the Timer class.

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