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I'm good at: Usage and Examples

I'm good at informs someone your talents, abilities, strengths, and skills. You can use this pattern to show your excellence.


" I'm good at sports. "
" I'm good at cricket. "
" I'm good at cooking. "
" I'm good at singing. "
" I'm good at acting. "
" I'm good at dance. "
" I'm good at history. "
" I'm good at driving. "
" I'm good at programming. "
" I'm good at grammar. "
" I'm good at photography. "

We can also add descriptive words (adverb) with I'm good at, for example:

" I'm very good at grammar. "
" I'm very good at photography. "
" I'm very good at proofreading. "
" I'm extremely good at singing. "
" I'm very good at sports. "
" I'm very good at problem solving. "
" I'm just okay at Hindi. "

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