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ID Card Generator Using Java

This article will guide you through the steps involved in utilizing the Java programming language to create an interactive ID card generator. This study aims to provide an interesting practical experience while demystifying the complexities of Java's core ideas. It begins with a simple console-based application and concludes with an elegant GUI implementation.

Step 1: Create a Java Class for ID Card

In order to represent the ID card, start by building a Java class. There will be attributes for this class, like a name, portrait, ID number, etc. Observe this simple example:

Step 2: Design the User Interface

Step 3: Compile and run

Run the IDCardGeneratorUI class after compiling your Java classes. After entering the name and ID number as instructed, the application will show the created ID card.


Name of Student: Ram
ID number: 123321

ID Card:
Name: Ram
ID Number: 123321


We have developed a straightforward console-based ID card generator in this program. It allows users enter their ID number and name. The created ID card details were then shown by the program, giving users a basic understanding of Java classes and user input handling.

ID Card Generator Using AWT and Swings in Java


ID Card Generator Using Java

When we click the Generate ID Card button, we get the ID card.

ID Card Generator Using Java


By enabling direct input through a visual interface, we enhanced the user experience by switching to a graphical user interface (GUI) with Swing. The produced ID card details are now shown in the main window, demonstrating event handling and fundamental Swing components.


In conclusion, these projects covered fundamental ideas such classes, constructors, getters, and setters, user input processing, and GUI implementation while offering practical experience in Java development. They act as jumping off places for more complex projects and the investigation of other Java features.

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