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IntelliJ IDEA Migrating From NetBeans

NetBeans is another popular IDE for Java Developers. If the current NetBeans user wants to switch from NetBeans IDE to IntelliJ IDE then it requires the understanding of some basic differences between these two IDEs. These basic differences include User Interface, Terminologies, Project Configuration, Popular Shortcuts and some other aspects.

NetBeans Vs IntelliJ Terminology

The following table compares NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA terminologies -

NetBeans IntelliJ IDEA
Project Module
Global Library Global Library
Project Library Module Library
Project Dependency Module Dependency
Project-Specific SDK Module SDK


IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts are different from NetBeans shortcuts. Some popular shortcuts are given in the below table.

Eclipse IntelliJ IDEA
Action Shortcut Action Shortcut
Run F6/Shift+F6 Run Ctrl+Shift+F10
Search Ctrl+F3 Search Ctrl+Shift+Y
Rename Ctrl+R Rename Shift+F6
Go to Line Ctrl+G Go to Line Ctrl+G
Generate Getter and Setter Alt+Insert Generate Getter and Setter Alt+Insert
Move Lines Alt+Shift+Up/Down Move Lines Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down
Format Code Alt+Shift+F Format Code ctrl+Alt+L
Delete Ctrl+E Delete Ctrl+Y


IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans debugger are similar but they use different shortcuts. Some of the debugger shortcuts are given below in the table:

Eclipse IntelliJ IDEA
Action Shortcut Action Shortcut
Step Into F7 Step Into F7
Step Over F8 Step Over F8
Step Out Ctrl+F7 Step Out Shift+F8
Debug Program Ctrl+F5 Debug Program Shift+F9
Resume Shift+F5 Resume F9
Breakpoints Ctrl+Shift+F8 Breakpoints Ctrl+Shift+F8

Importing an Eclipse project to IntelliJ IDEA

Follow the steps given below to import NetBeans Project in IntelliJ IDEA:

  1. Go to File->New->Project from Existing Source
  2. Select NetBeans Project Directory
  3. Import Project Wizard open. Select Create Project from Existing Sources.
  4. Follow on-screen instruction to continue.
  5. Finish

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