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"A great mind never restricts itself to the technologies available in the world, he moves forward with brilliant ideas and visions to improve the existing technology and serve the world with his radiant piece of work".

Yes, I am talking about James Gosling, whom the world knows as the father of java language. Assisted with many fellows James was the creator and founder of the world's most praised and astonishing programming language.

History of James Gosling:

The brilliant techie was born on 19th May in the summer of 1955. The land which was blessed with the birth of such a wonderful man is Calgary in the state of Alberta, Canada. James since his childhood had a lot of interest in the newly developing computer technology at that time. So he did Bachelor of Science from the very famous University of Calgary, Canada, with province in Computer Science in the year of 1977. Later in 1983 he went forward towards doing his PHD in Computer Science from the Carnegie Mellon University. At the time of PHD his doctoral thesis was entitled as, "Algebraic Manipulation of Constraints". At the time of his studies he was also dedicated towards writing of Emacs, which he names as the Gomacs, he also worked towards development of multiprocessor version of the operating system UNIX, and several compilers as well as mail systems.

In the year of 1984 Sun Microsystems hired this great man. Gosling worked with Sun Microsystems for an immense period of 26 years, and left after it was acquired by the Oracle. Later in 2011 he joined to work with Google. He worked there for some time and later he joined his old Sun colleague in a startup names "Liquid Robotics". After a few years Liquid Robotics was acquired by Boeing. After this happened gosling left it and later started working with Amazon since May, 2017.

James as the father of JAVA

Before development of the java language world relies on C++, which incorporated several oops concepts and looked perfect at that time. But then it was realized that C++ can be made to program only a specific set of devices, as it is platform dependent. This led James towards the motivation of creating a platform independent language which apart from computer could be used to program other devices as well. James with some of his colleagues started working towards the development of this language in the year 1991. It took 18 months for James to develop the first working version of this language. It was initially named as "OAK" and later in the year of 1995 it was forever named as "JAVA". James has invented the authentic layout of java and also the compiler and virtual machine. Java as we all know is a language with the widest scope, which has changed internet forever with its amazing features and simplicity. We owe the development of this boon none other thanJames Gosling.

Citations received by James:

  • In the year 2002 James received the "THE ECONOMIST" Innovation Award and also, "THE Lifetime Achievement Awards" by Flame.
  • In 2007 he was privileged as the "Officer of the Order of Canada". This is the second highest honor that any pacifist of Canada can get.
  • In the year 2015 he was honored "IEEE John von Neumann Medal"

The world will always embrace the golden work done by this great man, and he will forever in the heart of every programmer.

This is a blog on James Gosling: Father of Java.

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