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Java Escape Characters

In this section, we will discuss Java escape characters or escape sequences. Also, we will use these escape sequences or characters in a Java program.

What are escape characters?

In Java, if a character is preceded by a backslash (\) is known as Java escape sequence or escape characters. It may include letters, numerals, punctuations, etc. Remember that escape characters must be enclosed in quotation marks (""). These are the valid character literals. The Java compiler interprets these characters as a single character that adds a specific meaning to the compiler.

Java Escape Characters

List of Java Escape Characters

In Java, there is a total of eight escape sequences that are described in the following table.

Escape Characters Description
\t It is used to insert a tab in the text at this point.
\' It is used to insert a single quote character in the text at this point.
\" It is used to insert a double quote character in the text at this point.
\r It is used to insert a carriage return in the text at this point.
\\ It is used to insert a backslash character in the text at this point.
\n It is used to insert a new line in the text at this point.
\f It is used to insert a form feed in the text at this point.
\b It is used to insert a backspace in the text at this point.

Why do we use escape characters?

Let's understand the uses of escape characters through the following example. Suppose, we have to print the following statement with double quotes:

The following statements do not print Java enclosed in quotation marks.

While we compile the program with the above two statements, the compiler gives errors, as shown below.

Java Escape Characters

In such a case, the compiler needs to be told that quotation marks do not signal the start or end of a string, but instead are to be printed. The following statement prints statements with quotation marks.

Using Escape Characters in Java Program


Andrew	Garfield
the best way
to communicate 
an idea 
is to act it out
Wall Street's

Unicode Escape Characters

Java also supports Unicode escape characters. A Unicode escape character consists of a backslash (/) followed by one or more u characters and four hexadecimal digits (\uxxxx). Here, \uxxxx represents \u0000 to \uFFFF.

While interpreting the string if the compiler finds something in the Unicode representation, the compiler replaces it with a respective symbol according to the Java specification.

List of Unicode Character or Escape Sequence

The following table describes the widely used Unicode Character Sequence.

Char Unicode Escape Sequence Description
Special Codes
U+0009 \u0009 Horizontal Tab
U+000A \u000A Line Feed
U+000D \u000D Carriage Return / Enter
U+00A0 \u00A0 Non-Breaking Space
Symbols Codes
& U+0026 \u0026 Ampersand
U+2022 \u2022 Bullet
? U+25E6 \u25E6 White Bullet
U+2219 \u2219 Bullet Operator
U+2023 \u2023 Triangular Bullet
U+2043 \u2043 Hyphen Bullet
° U+00B0 \u00B0 Degree
U+221E \u221E Infinity
Currency Codes
$ U+0024 \u0024 Dollar
U+20AC \u20AC Euro
£ U+00A3 \u00A3 Pound
¥ U+00A5 \u00A5 Yen / Yuan
¢ U+00A2 \u00A2 Cent
U+20B9 \u20B9 Indian Rupee
U+20A8 \u20A8 Rupee
U+20B1 \u20B1 Peso
U+20A9 \u20A9 Korean Won
฿ U+0E3F \u0E3F Thai Baht
U+20AB \u20AB Dong
U+20AA \u20AA Shekel
Intellectual Property Codes
© U+00A9 \u00A9 Copyright
® U+00AE \u00AE Registered Trademark
U+2117 \u2117 Sound Recording Copyright
U+2122 \u2122 Trademark
U+2120 \u2120 Service Mark
Greek Alphabet Codes
α U+03B1 \u03B1 Small Alpha
β U+03B2 \u03B2 Small Beta
γ U+03B3 \u03B3 Small Gamma
δ U+03B4 \u03B4 Small Delta
ε U+03B5 \u03B5 Small Epsilon
ζ U+03B6 \u03B6 Small Zeta
η U+03B7 \u03B7 Small Eta
θ U+03B8 \u03B8 Small Theta
ι U+03B9 \u03B9 Small Iota
κ U+03BA \u03BA Small Kappa
λ U+03BB \u03BB Small Lambda
μ U+03BC \u03BC Small Mu
ν U+03BD \u03BD Small Nu
ξ U+03BE \u03BE Small Xi
ο U+03BF \u03BF Small Omicron
π U+03C0 \u03C0 Small Pi
ρ U+03C1 \u03C1 Small Rho
σ U+03C3 \u03C3 Small Sigma
τ U+03C4 \u03C4 Small Tau
υ U+03C5 \u03C5 Small Upsilon
φ U+03C6 \u03C6 Small Phi
χ U+03C7 \u03C7 Small Chi
ψ U+03C8 \u03C8 Small Psi
ω U+03C9 \u03C9 Small Omega
Α U+0391 \u0391 Capital Alpha
Β U+0392 \u0392 Capital Beta
Γ U+0393 \u0393 Capital Gamma
Δ U+0394 \u0394 Capital Delta
Ε U+0395 \u0395 Capital Epsilon
Ζ U+0396 \u0396 Capital Zeta
Η U+0397 \u0397 Capital Eta
Θ U+0398 \u0398 Capital Theta
Ι U+0399 \u0399 Capital Iota
Κ U+039A \u039A Capital Kappa
Λ U+039B \u039B Capital Lambda
Μ U+039C \u039C Capital Mu
Ν U+039D \u039D Capital Nu
Ξ U+039E \u039E Capital Xi
Ο U+039F \u039F Capital Omicron
Π U+03A0 \u03A0 Capital Pi
Ρ U+03A1 \u03A1 Capital Rho
Σ U+03A3 \u03A3 Capital Sigma
Τ U+03A4 \u03A4 Capital Tau
Υ U+03A5 \u03A5 Capital Upsilon
Φ U+03A6 \u03A6 Capital Phi
Χ U+03A7 \u03A7 Capital Chi
Ψ U+03A8 \u03A8 Capital Psi
Ω U+03A9 \u03A9 Capital Omega

Unicode Character Sequence Example


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