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Java Language / What is Java

Java is a computing platform, class-based, high-level object-oriented programming language that has been first released in the year 1995 by Sun Microsystems. From humble beginnings, it has evolved to power a large share of today's digital world by giving a reliable platform using which many different services, as well as applications, are built. New, innovative products and digital services that are designed for the future will also continue to rely on Java. Java is a programming language that is secure, fast, and reliable for coding everything from enterprise software to server-side technologies and big data applications.

Java - A Popular Language

Java is an easy-to-use language which makes it popular among programmers or developers. A few reasons why Java is still a popular language is mentioned below:

Excellent Learning Resources

Since Java language is there in the market for a long time, there are a lot of good comprehensive materials that are available in the market. Different courses, comprehensive books, and detailed documentation support the developer in learning the concepts quickly.

Inbuilt Libraries and Function

In Java, developers are not required to write each and every new function from scratch. In lieu of that, Java is rich in in-built libraries and functions for developing different ranges of applications.

Support From The Active Community

Many active communities and users can support the developers when they are stuck in some coding issues.

High-quality Tools for Development

Various tools are offered by Java in order to support automated testing, debugging, change management, and deployment. Java becomes cost, and time efficient with these tools.

Platform Independent

The introduction of byte code (.class file) in Java makes the code written in the Java language run on any platform like Linux, Android, MacOS, or Windows without rewriting anything. Code can run on any underlying platform like Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android without rewriting. Platform independent feature makes Java a very powerful and effective language as we want to run various applications on various devices.


Over the different networks, the untrusted code can be downloaded by the and can be run in a secure environment inside which it can never do any damage. The host system will not be affected by the untrusted code containing the virus, nor can it write or read files from the hard drive. The restrictions and the levels of security are highly configurable in Java.

Usages of Java Programming Language

Because Java is a versatile and free-to-use language, it builds distributed and localized and distributed software. Some common uses of Java include:

1. Game Development

Many popular computer and mobile video games use the Java language. Even modern games that use advanced technology like virtual reality or machine learning are made with Java technology.

2. Cloud computing

The term WORA - Write Once and Run Anywhere, is applicable to the Java language. Because of this, it is used in various decentralized cloud-based applications. Java language is picked by the Cloud service providers to execute programs on various platforms.

3. Big Data

Data processing engines also use Java to deal with real-time and complex data sets.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Java is also the powerhouse of ML (machine learning) libraries. Its speed and stability make it perfect for the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) application development like deep learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

5. IOT (Internet of Things)

Java is also used to do the programming of hardware and sensors in edge devices that can independently connect to the internet.

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