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Java ZipFile

ZIP is a file format for compressed files or folders. It enables data compression. Using Java programming language, we can create ZIP files or folders. For this Java provides the classes In Java, ZipFile is a class that belongs to the package. The package provides the package. The package contains the number of classes that deal with the ZIP file or folder. The classes can be to read and write the standard ZIP and GZIP file formats. In this section, we will discuss the Java ZipFile class.

Java ZipFile Class

It provides fields and methods that are required to deal with the ZIP file. The class is useful if we want to read entries from a ZIP file. It implements the Closeable and AutoCloseable interfaces.

ZipFile Class Fields

The class provides the constant field's values that are public static and final.

Modifier and Type Field
static int CENATT
static int CENATX
static int CENCOM
static int CENCRC
static int CENDSK
static int CENEXT
static int CENFLG
static int CENHDR
static int CENHOW
static int CENLEN
static int CENNAM
static int CENOFF
static long CENSIG
static int CENSIZ
static int CENTIM
static int CENVEM
static int CENVER
static int ENDCOM
static int ENDHDR
static int ENDOFF
static long ENDSIG
static int ENDSIZ
static int ENDSUB
static int ENDTOT
static int EXTCRC
static int EXTHDR
static int EXTLEN
static long EXTSIG
static int EXTSIZ
static int LOCCRC
static int LOCEXT
static int LOCFLG
static int LOCHDR
static int LOCHOW
static int LOCLEN
static int LOCNAM
static long LOCSIG
static int LOCSIZ
static int LOCTIM
static int LOCVER
static int OPEN_DELETE
Mode flag to open a zip file and mark it for deletion.
static int OPEN_READ
Mode flag to open a zip file for reading.

ZipFile Class Constructors

Passing null values to the constructors may lead to the NullPointerException.

Constructor Description
ZipFile(File file) It is used to open a specified file object file.
ZipFile(File file, Charset charset) It is used to open a ZIP file for reading.
ZipFile(File file, int mode) It opens a new ZipFile to read from the specified File object in the specified mode.
ZipFile(File file, int mode, Charset charset) It opens a new ZipFile to read from the specified File object in the specified mode.
ZipFile(String name) It also opens a ZIP file for reading.
ZipFile(String name, Charset charset) It is also used to open a ZIP file for reading.

ZipFile Class Methods

The class has the following methods.

Method Description
close() The method closes the ZIP file.
entries() It returns the enumeration of the ZIP file entries.
finalize() It ensures that the system resources held by this ZipFile object are released when there are no more references to it. It overrides the finalize method of the Object class.
getComment() It returns the ZIP file comment and returns null if the file has no comment.
getEntry() It returns the ZIP file entry for the specified name and returns null if the entry is null.
getInputStream() It is used to read the contents of the specified ZIP file entry and returns an input stream for the same.
getName() It is used to get the path of the ZIP file.
size() It is used to get the number of entries a ZIP file has.

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