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Controllers can be divided into two broad categories:

  • Samplers
  • Logical Controllers


Samplers are the components which allow JMeter to send specific types of requests to a server.It simulates a user's request for a page to the target server.

Samplers are a must to add component to a test plan as only it can let JMeter know what type of request need to go to a server. Requests could be HTTP, HTTP(s), FTP, TCP, SMTP, SOAP etc.

Given below is the list of requests serviced by JMeter samplers:

  • FTP Request
  • HTTP Request (can be used for SOAP or REST Webservice also)
  • JDBC Request
  • Java object request
  • JMS request
  • JUnit Test request
  • LDAP Request
  • Mail request
  • OS Process request
  • TCP request

JMeter samplers can only be added to a thread group through the method shown in the figure below:

JMeter Controllers

The following image shows an HTTP Request Sampler Control Panel:

JMeter Controllers

Logical Controllers

Logic Controllers help you to control the flow the order of processing of samplers in a thread. It can also change the order of requests coming from their child elements.

Following is the list of all Logic Controllers in JMeter:

  • Runtime Controller
  • IF Controller
  • Transaction Controller
  • Recording Controller
  • Simple Controller
  • While Controller
  • Switch Controller
  • ForEach Controller
  • Module Controller
  • Include Controller
  • Loop Controller
  • Once Only Controller
  • Interleave Controller
  • Random Controller
  • Random Order Controller
  • Throughput Controller

The following image shows how you can add a ForEach Logic Controller to your test plan:

JMeter Controllers

The following image shows a ForEach Controller Control Panel:

JMeter Controllers
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