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Less Installation

Minimum System requirement for installing Less

    Operating System : Cross-platform

    Browser Support: IE (Internet Explorer 8+), Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari.

How to Install

Users need Node.js to run Less examples. You must have to install Node.js to run Less examples.

To install Node.js on windows, follow the instruction given below:

Go to the link . You will get a page like this.

Less Less install1

Download the current version with latest features and run the executable file.

Less Less install2

Go ahead according to the instructions.

Less Less install3

Accept the terms and license agreement.

Less Less install4 Less Less install5 Less Less install6 Less Less install7 Less Less install8 Less Less install9

Node.js installation is completed now.

Install less on the server via NPM(Node package manager). Execute the command "npm install -g less"into the command prompt.

After successful installation of Less you will see the following line on the command prompt.

Less Less install10
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