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Switch case with enum in Java

enum keyword

Java has a special sort of data type called an Enum, which is typically a collection (set) of constants. To be more precise, a Java Enum type is a special form of Java class. A constant, a procedure, etc. may be contained in an Enum. It is possible to use an Enum keyword with an if statement, switch statement, iteration, etc.

  • By default, enum constants were public, static, and final.
  • Using dot syntax, enum constants are accessible.
  • Along with constants, an enum class may also contain attributes and methods.
  • Enum classes cannot inherit other classes and you can't create objects of them.
  • Enum classes are limited to interface implementation.

File name: EnumExample.jav



switch keyword

When a user has a lot of options and wishes to complete a separate task for each decision, the Switch statement is useful. The Switch statement makes it possible to compare the value of a variable to a list of potential values. Each value has a distinct case. With a break statement, a switch Case statement is frequently used, though it is not required.

File name:


The number is other than 1, 2 or 3

The enum keyword is also compatible with the Switch statement. Enum can be used similarly to an int primitive in a Java Switch case statement. The following examples show how an Enum with something like a Switch statement functions.

Example 1:

When an enum is used outside of the main class, a switch statement is used.

File name:


Hurray ! You have chosen Apache!

The aforementioned example demonstrates how, when Enum is specified outside the main class, the Enum keyword and Switch case instructions function.

Example 2: When using an Enum with a Switch statement, make sure the Enum is in the main class.

File name:


Hurray ! You have chosen Apache!

The aforementioned illustration shows how, if Enum is declared inside the main class, the Enum keyword works in conjunction using Switch case statements.

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