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Udemy vs. Udacity

What is Udemy?

The online teaching platform Udemy lets you to build courses in various categories such as growth, business, design, marketing, etc.

The professors in Udemy courses are professional in their field. Students may also acquire new skills and accomplish their ambitions by studying from a wide variety of courses.

Udemy vs. Udacity

What is Udacity?

Udacity is a non-profit organization that facilitates online education in many classes. It is an online educational supplier, known as Massive Open Online Courses, delivering online courses.

Udemy vs. Udacity

The courses offered by Udacity are very interactive, such as quizzes and activities. Students can get benefit from a project management framework that quickly produces detailed project reports from experts.

Udemy vs. Udacity

Here are some essential differences between Udemy and Udacity:

Udemy Udacity
Launched Udemy was launched in 2010. Udacity was launched in 2012.
Founder Gagan Biyani, Octay, founded Udemy. David Stavens, Sebastian Thrun, founded Udacity.
Objective To help learners. To make education open, engaging, affordable and highly successful for the world.
Pricing Courses range between $50 and $200. The Nano degree program begins at $399.
Course Content Creator Authors, scholars, consultants, specialists, managers, public speakers. Employers with business and software companies' experts.
PDFs Provides a PDF for some of the courses. Provides PDFs for all training courses.
Partners Individual instructor. Tech Companies.
Course Author The courses can be distributed to anyone. The authors are selected by the admin Udacity.
Support Through chat Udemy does not impart any online chat support. Udacity gives chat support.
Access Period Udemy allows your keys to the courses for a lifetime. The access time is limited to a few months (based on the length of the course).
Course objective The primary purpose of Udemy is to make you understand more. Udacity provides education at the university level for people seeking its alternative.

Features of Udemy:

Here are some basic Udemy features:

  • No pre-qualification required to take any courses
  • Udemy offers access to the enrolled course instantly and on a lifetime basis.
  • Practical technical knowledge of instructors.
  • Access to feedback from former students and scores

Features of Udacity:

Here are some basic Udacity features:

  • Offers a nanodegree plus classes which are a unique mode of learning for students.
  • Programs are being developed with the most famous companies in the world.
  • Recruiting partnerships with major businesses
  • Free courses
  • It already has a smartphone version.
  • Class management facility
  • You can instant enjoy personal learning.

Course Example of Udemy

Here are the Udemy Examples:

Udemy vs. Udacity

Business: Finance, blogging, public speaking experience, financial research, marketing, advertising, insightful computing, SQL, machine literacy, etc.

Development: Web creation, programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C #, Swift, etc.

IT & Software: IT certification, CCNA, cyber security, security of a network, etc.

Teacher Training: Creation of educational classes, presenting techniques, instructional style, etc.

Office Productivity: Google, Microsoft, Apple, SAP, etc.

Personal Development: Career growth, personal finance, learning education, success, leadership, etc.

Design: UI design, web design, graphic digital, design software like Adobe Illustrator, etc.

Lifestyle: Arts and crafts, entertainment, sports, leisure, etc.

Marketing: SEM, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Fundamentals, Internet Marketing, etc.

Language: English, Portuguese, etc.

Photography: Video design, Digital and commercial photography, photographic tools, etc.

Course Example of Udacity

Here are the Udacity Examples:

Udemy vs. Udacity
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