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What is JMeter?

JMeter also known as 'Apache JMeter' is an open source, 100% java based application with a graphical interface. It is designed to analyse and measure the performance and load functional behaviour of web application and variety of services.

JMeter is mainly used for testing Web application or FTP application but currently, it is applicable in functional testing, JDBC database connections, Web services, generic TCP connections and OS native processes. You can perform various testing activities like Performance, Load, Stress, Regression and Functional testing, in order to get accurate performance metrics against your web server.

JMeter was originally written and developed by Stefano Mazzocchi of the Apache Software Foundation. It was primarily written to test the performance of Apache JServ(currently known as Apache Tomcat project).Apache redesigned JMeter to enhance the GUI, to add more features and functional testing capabilities.

JMeter is not a browser and it doesn't render html pages like any browser does, rather it works on protocol level.

Following is a list of protocols supported by JMeter:

  • Web Services - SOAP / XML-RPC
  • Web - HTTP, HTTPS sites 'web 1.0' web 2.0 (ajax, flex and flex-ws-amf)
  • Database via JDBC drivers
  • Directory - LDAP
  • Messaging oriented service via JMS
  • Service - POP3, IMAP, SMTP

A web server carries a lot number of applications and users, so it is necessary to know that how capable a web server is to handle simultaneous users or applications. For example; how "javaTpoint" supporting server will perform when a number of users simultaneously access the javaTpoint website - basically have to do performance testing using performance testing tools like JMeter.

What is JMeter
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