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Analogies 1

The analogy refers to correspondence. So, this type of reasoning questions consists of a pair of words with a particular relationship to each other. This pair is followed by another four pairs of words. You have to select one pair in which the words have the same relationship to each other as the words in the given pair have.


  1. Pen: Paper
  2. Engine: Car
  3. Cat: Dog
  4. Ball: Game

Answer: B


A petal is a part of the flower. In a similar way, an engine is a part of the car.


  1. Criminal: Crime
  2. River: Forest
  3. Nail: Hammer
  4. Binding: Book

Answer: D


A frame surrounds a picture. In a similar way, a binding surrounds the book.

3) A thermometer is to temperature as a compass is to

  1. Pressure
  2. Humidity
  3. Direction
  4. Needle

Answer: C


A thermometer is used to measure temperature and compass is used to determine direction.

4) Marathon is to race as hibernation is to

  1. Bear
  2. Dream
  3. Sleep
  4. Winter

Answer: C


Marathon is a long-distance race, and hibernation is a deep sleep that helps animals like polar bears to survive the winters.

5) Chef: Restaurant

  1. Doctor: Treatment
  2. Driver: Car
  3. Teacher: School
  4. Writer: Blog

Answer: C


The chef works in a restaurant, and a teacher works in a school.

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