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This type of reasoning questions consists of a definition followed by four choices. You have to choose one option that is a perfect example of the given definition.

1) It is called Restitution when you compensate someone for damaging his or her property in some way. Which of the following situations is the best example of Restitution?

  1. Tom borrows his friend's car and returns the car with an empty petrol tank. He apologizes and tells his friend that he will fill the tank tomorrow.
  2. Tom borrows his friend's camera. Tom fails to zipper the case, and the camera falls on the ground, and the lens shatters. When Tom returns the camera, he tells his friend that he will pay for the damage.
  3. Peter asks Tom to stay in his apartment when he is out of the town. One day Tom arrives to stay and finds that pipe has burst and the apartment is filled with water. He calls the plumber to repair the pipe and pays for the repair.
  4. A pothole in the parking of Peter's company caused his flat tyre. He informs his boss and expects that the company should pay for the repair.

Answer: B


Tom damaged his friend's camera when the camera was in his possession, and he agreed to pay for the repair.

2) A Guarantee is a promise or formal assurance that attests to the quality of a product. It is generally given in writing by the company or verbally by a person selling the product. It says that a product will be repaired, replaced or money will be refunded if it is not of a specified quality. Which of the following situations is the best example of the Guarantee?

  1. Tom bought a cell phone with the highest consumer ratings in its category.
  2. The salesperson assures Peter that he is buying a camera with a guarantee.
  3. Peter buys a used camera from John. John assures that it is a quality product and he will refund the money if the camera does not work properly.
  4. The auto body shop is specialized in refurbishing and selling used cars.

Answer: C


In option C, John assures Peter that he is buying a quality product and the money will be refunded if the camera lacks in performance.

3) An informal gathering occurs when a group of people meets in a casual and relaxed manner. Which of the following situations is the best example of informal gathering?

  1. The workers meet on the first Monday of every month to discuss important issues.
  2. On hearing about his promotion, Peter and his colleagues decided to go out for a quick drink in the evening.
  3. Mary has sent invitations to all her friends to gather in a hotel to celebrate her birthday.
  4. Tom and Mary decided to organize a family gathering to celebrate their marriage anniversary.

Answer: B


In option B, on getting the good news, Peter and his colleagues decide to meet casually for a drink in the evening. The other options are talking about the formal types of gatherings.

4) Power of Attorney refers to a legal document that gives an individual authority to act for another person in specified or all financial matters. Which of the following situations is the best example of the Power of Attorney?

  1. Mary is selling her apartment, and she hires a lawyer to evaluate the deal.
  2. Due to illness, Tom's mother can no longer visit the bank to deposit money and cash her cheques. She has completed some legal formalities to enable Tom to do such tasks for her.
  3. Peter's father is elderly, so Peter thinks he is not able to make decisions, and he should make decisions on his behalf.
  4. Tom completes all the formalities so that his father could open a retirement account with the bank.

Answer: B


In choice B, Tom's mother has taken legal steps to authorize her son to act on her behalf. It indicates a legal document is created to establish power of attorney.

5) It is called Posthumous Publication when a book is published after the death of its author. Which of the following situations is the best example of Posthumous Publication?

  1. Daniel died before he could enjoy the early reviews of his book.
  2. Peter's publisher canceled his book contract after he failed to provide the manuscript on time.
  3. Mellissa never thought that she would live to see her novel in her trilogy published.
  4. Mary is honored with an award for her writing career, and her daughter accepted the reward on behalf of her deceased mother.

Answer: A


Option A indicates that Daniel was not alive to see the reviews of his book. It shows that Daniel died before the book was published. Option D, talk about the award, it does not indicate that a book was published after the writer's death.

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