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Analyzing Arguments 1

This type of reasoning questions consists of a paragraph followed by four statements. You are required to read the paragraph carefully and select one statement that is best supported by the information given in the paragraph.

1) If you are a fitness walker, you don't need to go to a health gym. You also don't need any fitness equipment for workout. All you need is a pair of comfortable athletic shoes.

This paragraph supports which of the following statements;

  1. Fitness walking is better than weight lifting
  2. Walking outdoors provides more health benefits than walking indoors
  3. Fitness walking is an effective and convenient form of exercise
  4. Poorly designed shoes can cause foot injuries

Answer: C


In this paragraph, the author is talking about the convenience of fitness walking. He is saying that fitness walking is a workout that does not need equipment and membership of a health gym.

2) Yoga is a popular form of exercise, but it is not for everyone. Before you enroll yourself for a yoga class, you should examine what you want from your fitness routine. If you are looking for an intense aerobic workout, a yoga class will not fulfill your needs.

This paragraph supports which of the following statements;

  1. Yoga provides both mental and health benefits
  2. Yoga is less popular than aerobics
  3. Understand your needs before joining a fitness class
  4. Yoga is not a rigorous form of exercise

Answer: C


In this paragraph, the author is saying that we should evaluate our fitness needs before starting a fitness class. He is not discussing the benefits of yoga, not comparing yoga with aerobics, also not telling what kind of exercise yoga is.

3) Social values of the workforce are changing with time. Ten years ago, a manager who was promoted and transferred to a distant city would not have questioned the move. Today, a manager in the same situation may choose to stay with family instead of career growth.

This paragraph supports which of the following situations;

  1. Today employers do not understand the needs of their employees
  2. Today employees are not loyal to their companies
  3. Social values of employees have changed over the past ten years
  4. Today career growth is not important for the employees

Answer: C


In this paragraph, the author has emphasized the changing social values of the employees. He is not saying that companies do not understand employee's needs, employees are not loyal, or employees are not concerned about their career growth.

4) It is a fact that the world urgently needs sufficient distribution of food so that everyone gets enough food and nutrition. Distribution of medicine and medical facilities are also need to be distributed across the world to ensure people in developing countries can get proper medical care.

This paragraph supports which of the following statements;

  1. Majority of the people in the world do not want to go to a doctor
  2. Food and medicine production is slow in developing countries
  3. Food and medicine production should be increased in developing countries
  4. Most of the people in developing countries are not getting enough food and medical care

Answer: D


The paragraph is talking about the food and medical requirements of the people of the developing countries. It is not emphasizing choices A, B, and C.

5) Obesity is a serious health issue. It can also lead to various other diseases like diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure. Recent research has even found that obesity may cause some types of cancer. So, major health campaigns should be launched to increases the awareness about this disease and lifestyle changes to help people fight obesity.

This paragraph supports which of the following statements;

  1. Health campaigns to spread awareness and discuss lifestyle changes to fight obesity should be launched
  2. Obesity is the leading cause of diabetes and other diseases
  3. People should change their lifestyle to cure obesity
  4. Fast food and overeating result in obesity

Answer: A


This paragraph is talking about the importance of a health campaign to prevent obesity. It is not supporting the choices B, C, and D.

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