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21) Call it a day is to quit work and go home. Which of the following situations given below is the best example of this idiom?

  1. Rocky has perfect form throughout his Inning.
  2. After playing together for ten years, the players finally decided to leave the team.
  3. All athletes know the point where they have to finish the first lap.
  4. The police called in Tony for interrogation.

Answer: B


The players in the option B decided to stop playing together as a team.

22) The definition of a wreck is something that has been destroyed or badly damaged or a person who is upset or in poor health. Which of the following situations is the best example of a wreck?

  1. District authorities have closed cafes, tourists' spots, cinemas to empower the local economies.
  2. The differences between their opinions are due to their differing conceptions of God and their relation to the world.
  3. John is responsible for his 10-year-long relationship with Julie to fall apart and destroyed.
  4. John's car hit the barricade, and its right headlight was damaged.

Answer: B


John relationship with Julie falls apart and destroyed, that would upset both Johan and Julie greatly.

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