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DevOps Training Certification

DevOps training certification helps anyone to make a career as a DevOps engineer. DevOps certifications are available from Red Hat, Amazon web services, DevOps institution, and Microsoft academy.

Let's see all of these certifications one by one in brief such as:

Red Hat Certification

Red Hat offers a different level of certifications for DevOps professional as follows:

  • Red Hat certificate of expertise in the Ansible automation.
  • Red Hat certificate of expertise in Platform-as-a-service.
  • Red Hat certificate of expertise in Container Administrator.
  • Red Hat certificate of expertise in Configuration Management.
  • Red Hat certificate of expertise in the Containerized Application Development.

Amazon Web Service Certification

This certificate tests you on how to use the most common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy, and maintain applications on AWS. It also evaluates you on the core principle of the DevOps methodology.

Amazon web service certificate has two requisites. First, the certification fee is $300, and the second time duration is 170 minutes.

DevOps Institution

The DevOps institution is a global learning community around emerging DevOps practices. This organization is setting the quality standards for DevOps competency-based qualifications.

Some offered certification courses are:

  • DevOps Leader
  • DevOps Test Engineer
  • DevOps Foundation Certified
  • DevOps Foundation
  • Certified Agile Process Owner
  • Certified Agile Service Manager
  • Continuous Delivery Architecture
  • DevSecOps Engineer

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