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Features of Bash

  1. Bash is sh-compatible as it derived from the original UNIX Bourne Shell. It is incorporated with the best and useful features of the Korn and C shell like directory manipulation, job control, aliases, etc.
  2. Bash can be invoked by single-character command line options (-a, -b, -c, -i, -l, -r, etc. ) as well as by multi-character command line options also like --debugger, --help, --login, etc.
  3. Bash Start-up files are the scripts that Bash reads and executes when it starts. Each file has its specific use, and the collection of these files is used to help create an environment.
  4. Bash consists of Key bindings by which one can set up customized editing key sequences.
  5. Bash contains one-dimensional arrays using which you can easily reference and manipulate the lists of data.
  6. Bash comprised of Control Structures like the select construct that specially used for menu generation.
  7. Directory Stack in Bash specifies the history of recently-visited directories within a list. Example: pushd builtin is used to add the directory to the stack, popd is to remove directory from the stack and dirs builtin is to display content of the directory stack.
  8. Bash also comprised of restricted mode for the environment security. A shell gets restricted if bash starts with name rbash, or the bash --restricted, or bash -r option passed at invocation.

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