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GWT StockExchange APP Example

In GWT StockExchange, we would be using all the basic widgets, panels, layout to design a Web application using Google Web Toolkit named Stock Exchange.

This app can be used to add the content of stock market where its value would be changing after certain time interval. Values that would be calculated are Price followed by Change also has the option to remove the content as well.

Use of Panel and Widget are below:

  • HTML Panel
  • Flex Table
  • Flow Panel
  • Timer

Files Created

  • StockExchange.gwt.xml GWT module definition
  • StockExchange.html host page
  • StockExchange.css application style sheet
  • web.xml Java web application descriptor
  • GWT entry point class
  •,, GWT sample RPC classes
  • gwt-servlet.jar GWT server runtime library
  • Starter test case for Exchange




GWT Stock Exchange App 1
GWT Stock Exchange App 2
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