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Installing PostgreSQL on Windows

You have to follow these following steps to install PostgreSQL on your window. Turn off the third party antivirus while installing.

Select the version number of PostgreSQL you want and download and download it from here

I download postgresql-9.2.4-1-windows.exe in 32 bit mode, so let's run postgresql-9.2.4-1-windows.exe as administrator to install PostgreSQL.

Select the location where you want to install it. By default, it is installed within Program File Folder. installing postgreSQL on windows

Select a directory to store the data. By default, it is stored under data directory. installing postgreSQL on windows

The set up will ask you for a password, so select a password of your choice. installing postgreSQL on windows

Keep the port as default.

installing postgreSQL on windows

This step will ask for "locale" so select English United States.

Installation process is ready. It takes some time to complete installation process. After the completion of the installation process, you will get the following screen.

installing postgreSQL on windows

Uncheck the checkbox button and click on the finish button to complete the installation.

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