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Difference Between a Java Application and a Java Applet

Java application and Java applet both are Java programs, but there is a slight difference between them. Like in any program, the execution of the Java application always begins with the main( ) method, while in the case of an applet, initialization takes through the init( ). There is no need to invoke the main( ) method.

Java applications are types of stand-alone applications that run directly on the underlying operating system with the help of virtual machine. These perform various general operations for their users and do not require any APIs or browsers enabled by Java. On the other hand, the applets are small programs that can be embedded into a web page. The applets are used to make the website more dynamic and entertaining. We can use the OBJECT or APPLET tag to embed an applet on an HTML page and manage it on any web server.

A web browser that is compatible with Java can easily run applets. Hardware and operating system of the devices does not effect Java applets. One thing is clear and that is the overall appearance of Java applications are always the same on different OS. If the affected system browser has a well-installed JVM, then it can easily work with the help of these JVMs.

Java Application

Java application is basically a Java program (collection of instructions) that runs stand alone in a client or server, and works on an underlying OS (operating system) that receives virtual machine support. Graphical User Interface (GUI) is not required for execution of a Java application.

Java Application Features

  • It resembles Java programs strongly.
  • We do not require any web browser for the execution of these programs. Execution can be easily done via the local system.
  • The implementation of these applications requires main( ) function.
  • The local file systems and networks are fully accessed by these applications.

Java Applet

The Java applet works on the client side, and runs on the web browser. It is a Java application that the user can easily embed on a web page.

Java Applet Features

  • Java applet is a small and easy-to-write Java program.
  • One can easily install Java applet along with various HTML documents.
  • One needs a web browser (Java based) to use applets.
  • Applet do not have access to the network or local disk and can only access browser-specific services.
  • It cannot perform system operations on local machines.
  • Java applet cannot establish access to local system.

Java Application Vs. Java Applet

Parameters Java Application Java Applet
Meaning A Java Application also known as application program is a type of program that independently executes on the computer. The Java applet works on the client side, and runs on the browser and makes use of another application program so that we can execute it.
Requirement of main( ) method Its execution starts with the main( ) method only. The use of the main( ) is mandatory. It does not require the use of any main() method. Java applet initializes through init( ) method.
Execution It cannot run independently, but requires JRE to run. It cannot start independently but requires APIs for use (Example. APIs like Web API).
Installation We need to install the Java application first and obviously on the local computer. Java applet does not need to be pre-installed.
Connectivity with server It is possible to establish connections with other servers. It cannot establish connection to other servers.
Operation It performs read and write tasks on a variety of files located on a local computer. It cannot run the applications on any local computer.
File access It can easily access a file or data available on a computer system or device. It cannot access the file or data found on any local system or computer.
Security Java applications are pretty trusted, and thus, come with no security concerns. Java applets are less reliable. So, they need to be safe.

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