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Java Color Codes

Java programming language allows us to create different types of applications like windows application or web application. The user interface is an important factor while developing an application. The GUI of the Java application can be made interactive using different colors available in Java programming.

Java Color Constants

The color constants in Java are values that cannot be changed and can be used with different Java programs.

The following table shows the color constants available in the Java programming. The all-capital version depicts a constant value. But lowercase version also works fine.

Java Color Constants
BLACK black
BLUE blue
CYAN cyan
DARK_GRAY darkGray
GRAY gray
GREEN green
LIGHT_GRAY lightGray
MAGENTA magenta
ORANGE orange
PINK pink
RED red
WHITE white
YELLOW yellow

Java Color Codes

The basic colors of color system are red, green, and blue. Java provides the Color class constructor with different RGB color codes as arguments. Many developer tools are available that helps in picking up the correct RGB value.

The following table shows some color code combinations using different RGB values.

Color RGB value
Black 0-0-0
Very light red 255-102-102
Light red 255-51-51
Red 255-0-0
Dark red 204-0-0
Very dark red 153-0-0
Very light blue 51-204-255
Light blue 51-153-255
Blue 0-0-255
Dark blue 0-0-204
Very dark blue 0-0-153
Very light green 102-255-102
Light green 0-255-51
Green 0-204-0
Dark green 0-153-0
Very dark green 0-102-0
White 255-255-255

Java AWT Color Class Program

Java Abstract Window Toolkit is an API for developing GUI based Java applications. Let's create a Java program and use the Color class.


Java Color Codes

In the above code, an instance of a JPanel p is created. The Color class object c1 is created using the RGB values (0, 0, 204) passed as an argument to the constructor. The c1 color object is assigned as the background color for the JPanel p.

Java Color Constants Program


Java Color Codes
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