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JDoodle Java

In today's world, everything is instant and fast forwarded. Online compilers accessible via internet are very useful for programmers who are trying to learn a new programming language but have not ready to install the necessary software setups. In this section, we will discuss about JDoodle online Java compiler.

What is JDoodle?

JDoodle is a popular online compiler that supports multiple platforms. It can also be used for executing the Java programs without having to install the JDK in the local environment.

JDoodle provides the following services:

  1. Online Compiler and IDE
  2. Online Terminals for Databases
  3. Compiler API
  4. Online Assessment

JDoodle supports more than 70 programming languages such as Java, C/C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, HTML, etc and two databases i.e. MySQL and MongoDB.

Features of JDoodle

  1. It executes and debugs multiple files.
  2. It is a program based compiler that executes the programs from different programming languages.
  3. JDoodle mobile apps are available on Google and Google play store. Hence, the programs can also be executed using a mobile phone.
  4. Using the collaborate option available on JDoodle, peer programming is possible. We just need to share the link to multiple users and watch each other working on the same thing.

Libraries supported in JDoodle

JDoodle supports all the jar files for Java programming. And for other languages only standard libraries are supported.

JDoodle does not support Network operations.

Execute Java Program Using JDoodle

First, go through the link It will land us on the following page that has a Java addition program as the default code.

JDoodle Java

In place of addition program, we can put our Java code.

How to share code using JDoodle?

There are two ways to share code using JDoodle,

  1. Editable share: Here, the shared copy is completely under your control. The shared copy can be edited afterward. It also has an option to stop sharing.
  2. Instant share: In this method, the shared copy is a public copy of the current IDE. The shared copy cannot be edited or unshared in this way.

How to write programs on our website and redirect it to JDoodle online compiler?

While developing a website and we want to put a section where a user can write a program. JDoodle can be used to implement the feature on your website. A user can write programs in any of the programming languages and it can be redirected to JDoodle in order to execute the program.

Remember, it is not necessary to sign in or register in JDoodle for using this feature.

To perform the mentioned process a form, a textarea and a submit button is needed to be used. The action attribute of the form can be used to redirect the page to the required programming language compiler. The textarea will be used to allow the user to write the program and the submit button will redirect to the respective programming language online compiler. On the redirected page, we can easily run our program in the JDoodle compiler.

Steps to be followed:

Step 1: Open the on the browser and select the programming language as Java.

JDoodle Java

Step 2: Copy the last part of the URL of the compiler page that is opened. The compiler URL will be used to redirect our code.

JDoodle Java

Step 3: Using the below code that contains all the components that are necessary to redirect the page to JDoodle. The action attribute is defined with the redirect API URL of JDoodle and the end of the URL copied from above is used with it. It will be helping to redirect the page whenever the form is submitted using the button.


The following HTML code shows how the code written on a html page can be redirected to



JDoodle Java

As we click on the Test button it redirects to the following page.

JDoodle Java

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