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NumberAxis Class

  • NumberAxis class comes under the org.jfree.chart.axis package of JFreeChart library.
  • This class can access the numerical data of any axis.
  • If the range of any axis is set to default, it fits according to the range of data.
  • This class has a mechanism for automatically selecting a tick unit that is appropriate for the current axis range.


constructor Description
NumberAxis( ) This is the default constructor of NumberAxis class.
NumberAxis(String label) Constructs a number axis, using default values where necessary.

Method Summary:

Method Description
autoAdjustRange( ) This method rescales the axis to ensure that all data is visible.
calculateHighestVisibleTickValue( ) This method calculates the value of the highest visible tick on the axis.
calculateLowestVisibleTickValue( ) This method calculates the value of the lowest visible tick on the axis.
clone( ) This method returns a clone of the axis.
configure( ) This method configures the axis to work with the specified plot.
createIntegerTickUnits( ) This method returns a collection of tick units for integer values.
createStandardTickUnits( ) This method creates the standard tick units.
equals(Object obj) This method tests the axis for equality with an arbitrary object.
estimateMaximumTickLabelHeight(Graphics2D g2) This method estimates the maximum tick label height.
getAutoRangeIncludesZero( ) This method returns the flag that indicates whether or not the automatic axis range (if indeed it is determined automatically) is forced to include zero.
getAutoRangeStickyZero( ) This method returns a flag that affects the auto-range when zero falls outside the data range but inside the margins defined for the axis.
getMarkerBand( ) This method returns the (optional) marker band for the axis.
getNumberFormatOverride( ) This method returns the number format override.
getRangeType( ) This method returns the axis range type.
getTickUnit( ) This method returns the tick unit for the axis.

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