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Krishnamurthy Number Java

Krishnamurthy number is another special number in Java. A number is said to be Krishnamurthy if the factorial sum of all its digits is equal to that number. Krishnamurthy number is also referred to as a Strong number. Just like Prime and Armstrong numbers, Krishnamurthy number is also frequently asked by the interviewers but with it's another name, i.e., Strong number.

These are the following steps which we use to check Krishnamurthy number

  • We first take a number.
  • We then find the factorial of each digit of the number.
  • We add the factorial of each digit and store it into another variable.
  • If the sum of the factorial of each digit is the same as the original number, the number is a Krishnamurthy number.

Let's take an example of Krishnamurthy number.

Let's implement a program to check whether the user entered number is a Krishnamurthy number or not.


Krishnamurthy Number Java

Let's implement one more program to get all the Krishnamurthy number in a given range


Krishnamurthy Number Java
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