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Linux Introduction To Users

This tutorial will tell you how to identify a system's user account with commands like who, who am i, etc.

If more than one person use a single system, then everyone may have their own user account. Here, it will be helpful to know the user account details.

It also tells how to create a second user account and run program on that with the help of su and sudo command.


It tells you about the system's username.


Linux Introduction To Users1

Look at the above snapshot, 'sssit' is our system's username.


The who command gives the information about the users logged on to the system.


Linux Introduction To Users2

who am i

This command displays the information about the current user only.


Linux Introduction To Users3

Look at the above snapshot, in our system current logged in user is sssit.


This command tells about the users who are logged in and what are they doing.


Linux Introduction To Users4


This command tells about your user id, primary group id, and a list of groups that belongs to you.


Linux Introduction To Users5
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