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One Word Substitutes

In one-word substitute verbal ability questions, there will be a sentence followed by four words. You are required to choose one word that can be substituted for the given sentence.

Solved one-word substitute verbal ability questions:

1) A person who travels on foot.

  1. pedestrian
  2. traveler
  3. walker
  4. health conscious

Answer: A

Explanation: Pedestrian is a person who travels on foot, i.e., one who prefers to walk over traveling by a vehicle.

2) A man who always thinks of himself

  1. Eccentric
  2. Proud
  3. Egoist
  4. Foolish

Answer: C

3) A man who speaks less in the forum

  1. banal
  2. unintelligible
  3. garrulous
  4. reticent

Answer: D

4) A country that is ruled by a king or queen

  1. monarchy
  2. democratic
  3. autocracy
  4. all of the above

Answer: A

Explanation: Monarchy refers to a government in which a country is ruled by a king or queen.

5) The practice of having several wives

  1. bisexual
  2. monogamy
  3. bigamy
  4. polygamy

Answer: D

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