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In Prepositions based verbal ability questions, there is a sentence with a missing preposition. You are required to select the correct preposition out of the given options.

Solved Prepositions Questions with Explanation:

1) They walked ....... the edge of the land.

  1. up to
  2. as far as
  3. Either A or B
  4. until

Answer: C

Explanation: While talking about distance, both up to and as far as can be used.

2) It is another two weeks ............... the exams.

  1. until
  2. to
  3. Either A or B
  4. none of the above

Answer: C

Explanation: While counting the time until a future event, we can use either 'to' or 'until'.

3) It would not be easy for her to support her family as she has nothing ........... her pension.

  1. except
  2. except
  3. besides
  4. apart from
  5. all of the above

Answer: D

Explanation: Except, besides and 'apart from' have the same meaning when used after the negative expressions like no, nothing, and nobody.

4) What are you wearing .............. your shirt?

  1. under
  2. underneath
  3. below
  4. Either A or B

Answer: D

Explanation: Under or underneath can be used. Under is preferred over below when something is covered by what is over it.

5) Peter will arrive ..... her home ...... dinner.

  1. at, for
  2. in, in
  3. at, in
  4. in, at

Answer: A

Explanation: Arrive is followed by at or in. For is also correctly used.

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