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Plant Cell vs Animal Cell

Plant Cell vs Animal Cell: There are many differences between Plant Cell and Animal Cell. A list of differences between Plant Cell and Animal Cell are given below:

No.Comparison Index Plant cellsAnimal cells
1)Cell wall:The cell wall is present in plants cells.The cell wall doesn't present in animal cells.
2)Structure:It has a rectangular fixed shape.It has an irregular round shape.
3)Chloroplast:The plant cells have chloroplast because they have to make their own food.The animal cells don't have chloroplast because animals are heterotrophs.
4)Centrioles:It is only present in lower plant forms.It is present in all animal cells.
5)Vacuole:It has just one, large central vacuole taking up 90% of cell volume.It has one or more vocuoles. These vocuoles are smaller than plant cells.
6)Plasma membrane:Plant cell has a cell wall and a cell membrane.The animal cells have only cell membrane.
7)Cilia:The plants cells generally don't contain cilia.It is present in animal cells.

Similarities between Plant Cell and Animal Cell

No.Comparison Index Plant cellAnimal cell
1)Cytoplasm:It is present in plant cells. It is also present in animal cells.
2)Endoplasmic reticulum:Present in plants cells.Also present in animal cells.
6)Golgi ApparatusPresentPresent
7)Flagella:It is present in some cells.It is present in some cells.

Plant Cell vs Animal Cell

Cell is the basic structural and functional unit of life. It is also the smallest unit of an organism. All organisms from a small bacteria to a giant blue whale are made of cells. The basic structure of a plant and animal cell are same but the difference in the cell structure is due to the difference in mode of nutrition.

There are many differences and similarities between plant cells and animal cells.


  • Plants are autotrophs while animals are heterotrophs.
  • Plant's cells have a cell wall or chloroplast while animal cells don't have such a wall.
  • Plant cells have a fixed rectangular structure while animal cells are round and irregular in shape.


  • Plants and animals cells both are eukaryotic cell.
  • Both cells have the presence of cell membrane and cell organelles such as nucleus, mitochondria etc.
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