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SQL vs SQLite

Differences between SQL and SQLite

SQL is a Structured Query Language used to query a Relational Database System. It is written in C language. SQLite is an Embeddable Relational Database Management System which is written in ANSI-C.
SQL is a standard which specifies how a relational schema is created, data is inserted or updated in the relations, transactions are started and stopped, etc. SQLite is file-based. It is different from other SQL databases because unlike most other SQL databases, SQLite does not have a separate server process.
Main components of SQL are Data Definition Language(DDL) , Data Manipulation Language(DML), Embedded SQL and Dynamic SQL. SQLite supports many features of SQL and has high performance and does not support stored procedures.
SQL is Structured Query Language which is used with databases like MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, etc. It is not a database itself. SQLite is a portable database resource. You have to get an extension of SQLite in whatever language you are programming in to access that database. You can access all of the desktop and mobile applications.
A conventional SQL database needs to be running as a service like OracleDB to connect to and provide a lot of functionalities. SQLite database system doesn?t provide such functionalities.
SQL is a query language which is used by different SQL databases. It is not a database itself. SQLite is a database management system itself which uses SQL.

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