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SQLite now Function

SQLite "now" is not actually a fuction, but "now" is a timestring parameter that is used in various SQLite functions to fetch the current date and time.


There are three types of syntax for now function in SQLite:



The third syntax is used when expressing the current date/time using the strftime function. Here "format" can be anyone of the following:

Index format Explanation
1) %Y Year as 4 digits (0000 to 9999)
2) %W Week of year (00 to 53)
3) %w Day of week (0 to 6, where 0 is Sunday)
4) %m Month of year (01 to 12)
5) %d Day of month (00 to 31)
6) %H Hour (00 to 24)
7) %M Minute (00 to 25)
8) %S Seconds (00 to 59)
9) %s Seconds since 1970-01-01
10) %f Fractional seconds (SS.SSS)
11) %j Day of year (001 to 366)
12) %J Julian day as a numeric value

Example: Retrieve current date:


SQLite Now function 1 SQLite Now function 2

Example: Retrieve current time:


SQLite Now function 3 SQLite Now function 4 SQLite Now function 5 SQLite Now function 6
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