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SQLite Features/ Why to use SQLite

Following is a list of features which makes SQLite popular among other lightweight databases:

  • SQLite is totally free: SQLite is open-source. So, no license is required to work with it.
  • SQLite is serverless: SQLite doesn't require a different server process or system to operate.
  • SQLite is very flexible: It facilitates you to work on multiple databases on the same session on the same time.
  • Configuration Not Required: SQLite doesn't require configuration. No setup or administration required.
  • SQLite is a cross-platform DBMS: You don't need a large range of different platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Unix. It can also be used on a lot of embedded operating systems like Symbian, and Windows CE.
  • Storing data is easy: SQLite provides an efficient way to store data.
  • Variable length of columns: The length of the columns is variable and is not fixed. It facilitates you to allocate only the space a field needs. For example, if you have a varchar(200) column, and you put a 10 characters' length value on it, then SQLite will allocate only 20 characters' space for that value not the whole 200 space.
  • Provide large number of API's: SQLite provides API for a large range of programming languages. For example: .Net languages (Visual Basic, C#), PHP, Java, Objective C, Python and a lot of other programming language.
  • SQLite is written in ANSI-C and provides simple and easy-to-use API.
  • SQLite is available on UNIX (Linux, Mac OS-X, Android, iOS) and Windows (Win32, WinCE, WinRT).

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