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Verbal Classification 4

16) In which pair the words are differently related?

  1. Cow: Shed
  2. Pig: Sty
  3. Horse: Stable
  4. Man: Shop

Answer: C


In option C, things are differently related. In other options, the second is the place of stay of the first.

17) Select the pair in which words are differently related?

  1. Purse: Money
  2. Iron: Hard
  3. Cotton: Soft
  4. Ice: Cold

Answer: A


Except for option A, in all other options, the second part denotes the property of the first. So, purse and money are differently related.

18) Which number is different from others?

  1. 25
  2. 37
  3. 49
  4. 84

Answer: B


All numbers except "37" are a perfect square of 5, 7 and 8.

19) Which of the following animals is different from the others?

  1. Bear
  2. Tiger
  3. Lion
  4. Leopard

Answer: A


All animals except bear belong to the cat family.

20) In which of the following pairs the words are differently related?

  1. Truth: Lie
  2. Slow: Sluggish
  3. Stale: Fresh
  4. Kind: Cruel

Answer: B


In all pairs except B, the two words of a pair are antonyms of each other.

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