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6) Mortal

  1. Dormant
  2. Cruel
  3. Spiritual
  4. Immortal

Answer: D


Mortal means someone who has to die or cannot live forever, e.g., humans. So, its antonym is immortal which means never dying, living forever.

7) Luminous

  1. Bright
  2. Soft
  3. Dim
  4. Clear

Answer: C


Luminous means glowing, shining, etc. So, its antonym is Dim as it means dark or dull.

8) Pit

  1. Down
  2. Up
  3. Correct
  4. Peak

Answer: D


A pit is a hole, cavity, etc. So, its antonym is peak which refers to the top of a mountain or hill.

9) Rotund

  1. Thin
  2. Blunt
  3. Sharp
  4. Hairy

Answer: A


'Rotund' means curved or round. So, out of the given options, only thin can be its antonym as it means slender, slim, etc.

5) Common

  1. Fast
  2. Popular
  3. Rare
  4. Easy

Answer: C


'Common' means ordinary, widespread, etc. So, its antonym is rare as it means unusual, uncommon or infrequent.

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