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36) Certain

  1. Doubtful
  2. Definite
  3. Often
  4. Durable

Answer: A


Certain means sure, definite, so, its antonym is doubtful which means unsure, uncertain, etc.

37) Philistine

  1. Religious
  2. Intellectual
  3. Debutante
  4. learner

Answer: B


Philistine refers to a person who is ignorant and guided by material rather than intellectual values. So, its antonym is intellectual; a person who is engaged in the creative use of his intellect and guided my intellectual values.

38) Irascible

  1. Placid
  2. Reluctant
  3. Determined
  4. Aggressive

Answer: A


Irascible means irritable, easily angered, etc. So, its antonym is placid which means calm, good-natured, etc.

39) Approbate

  1. Sensible
  2. Inadequate
  3. Inappropriate
  4. Condemn

Answer: D


Approbate means to approve or sanction officially. So, its antonym is 'condemn', which means to declare wrong, to convict, etc.

40) Supercilious

  1. Relevant
  2. Frightened
  3. Meek
  4. Serious

Answer: C


'Supercilious' means haughty, arrogant, patronizing. So, its antonym is meek which means humble, timid.

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