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Applications of Big Data

The term Big Data is referred to as large amount of complex and unprocessed data. Now a day's companies use Big Data to make business more informative and allows to take business decisions by enabling data scientists, analytical modelers and other professionals to analyse large volume of transactional data. Big data is the valuable and powerful fuel that drives large IT industries of the 21st century. Big data is a spreading technology used in each business sector. In this section, we will discuss application of Big Data.

Travel and Tourism

Applications of Big Data

Travel and tourism are the users of Big Data. It enables us to forecast travel facilities requirements at multiple locations, improve business through dynamic pricing, and many more.

Financial and banking sector

Applications of Big Data

The financial and banking sectors use big data technology extensively. Big data analytics help banks and customer behaviour on the basis of investment patterns, shopping trends, motivation to invest, and inputs that are obtained from personal or financial backgrounds.


Applications of Big Data

Big data has started making a massive difference in the healthcare sector, with the help of predictive analytics, medical professionals, and health care personnel. It can produce personalized healthcare and solo patients also.

Telecommunication and media

Applications of Big Data

Telecommunications and the multimedia sector are the main users of Big Data. There are zettabytes to be generated every day and handling large-scale data that require big data technologies.

Government and Military

Applications of Big Data

The government and military also used technology at high rates. We see the figures that the government makes on the record. In the military, a fighter plane requires to process petabytes of data.

Government agencies use Big Data and run many agencies, managing utilities, dealing with traffic jams, and the effect of crime like hacking and online fraud.

Aadhar Card: The government has a record of 1.21 billion citizens. This vast data is analyzed and store to find things like the number of youth in the country. Some schemes are built to target the maximum population. Big data cannot store in a traditional database, so it stores and analyze data by using the Big Data Analytics tools.


Applications of Big Data

E-commerce is also an application of Big data. It maintains relationships with customers that is essential for the e-commerce industry. E-commerce websites have many marketing ideas to retail merchandise customers, manage transactions, and implement better strategies of innovative ideas to improve businesses with Big data.

  • Amazon: Amazon is a tremendous e-commerce website dealing with lots of traffic daily. But, when there is a pre-announced sale on Amazon, traffic increase rapidly that may crash the website. So, to handle this type of traffic and data, it uses Big Data. Big Data help in organizing and analyzing the data for far use.

Social Media

Applications of Big Data

Social Media is the largest data generator. The statistics have shown that around 500+ terabytes of fresh data generated from social media daily, particularly on Facebook. The data mainly contains videos, photos, message exchanges, etc. A single activity on the social media site generates many stored data and gets processed when required. The data stored is in terabytes (TB); it takes a lot of time for processing. Big Data is a solution to the problem.

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