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HBase Installation

The prerequisite for HBase installation are Java and Hadoop installed on your Linux machine.

Hbase can be installed in three modes: standalone, Pseudo Distributed mode and Fully Distributed mode.

Download the Hbase package from and unzip it with the below commands.

Login as super user as shown below

Configuring HBase in Standalone Mode

Set the java Home for HBase and open file from the conf folder. Edit JAVA_HOME environment variable and change the existing path to your current JAVA_HOME variable as shown below.

Replace the existing JAVA_HOME value with your current value as shown below.

Inside /usr/local/Hbase you will find hbase-site.xml. Open it and within configuration add the below code.

Now start the Hbase by running the present in the bin folder of Hbase.

Cloudera VM is recommended as it has Hbase preinstalled on it.

Starting Hbase: Type Hbase shell in terminal to start the hbase.

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