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Can ChatGPT Write Essays?

Are you interested in writing an essay using ChatGPT? There are methods to utilize OpenAI's ChatGPT to create papers without worrying about plagiarism or getting discovered, even though most instructors have tools that make it easier to spot essays authored by AI. ChatGPT can assist you with various academic tasks in addition to writing essays for you, including subject selection, outline creation, source research, grammar checking, and even citation formatting. This article will show you the most effective techniques for using ChatGPT to create essays and practical sample questions that will result in outstanding writing.

Can ChatGPT Write Essays

What You Should Know to Tell ChatGPT your topic, word count, essay type, and any facts or points of view you want to include before having it create your essay.

  • Additionally, helpful functions of ChatGPT include essay subject generation, outline creation, and grammatical checking.
  • It's preferable to employ AI to help with writing rather than having it perform the task since ChatGPT has the potential to produce errors and set off AI-detection warnings.

Writing the Essay with ChatGPT

Can ChatGPT Write Essays

Create a ChatGPT account.

If you're new to ChatGPT, an OpenAI chatbot, you'll need to create an account. To create your account, go to , click Sign up, and then follow the steps on the screen.

  • Make sure you know your instructor's guidelines on using AI technologies before utilizing OpenAI's ChatGPT to compose your essay. It can be against the regulations to use ChatGPT because teachers might easily spot writings produced by an AI.
  • While ChatGPT may be used to create an essay that seems professional, there are disadvantages. Most notably, ChatGPT is unable to validate information or supply references. This implies that articles written by ChatGPT can include biased information and made-up facts. Instead of using ChatGPT to create the essay for you, utilize it as inspiration and model sentences.
Can ChatGPT Write Essays

Compile your notes.

Giving ChatGPT as much information about your essay needs as you can helps it compose your essay as efficiently as feasible. Verify that you have the following:

  • Your chosen writing subject.
  • The word or page count of the essay. It would help if you informed ChatGPT how much to write while writing an essay for a class, a college application, or even a cover letter.
  • Additional information about the task, such as the style of the essay (personal, book report, etc.) and the points to cover.
  • Be aware of the position you want to adopt while writing an argumentative or persuasive essay so ChatGPT can support it.
  • You may also give those to ChatGPT if you have notes on the subject you wish to add.
  • When planning an essay, consider the thesis, the subject sentence, the body paragraphs, and the examples you'll use to support each.
  • It need not be a lengthy sentence-by-sentence framework but rather like an overview. It needs to be a solid summary of how the ideas are connected.
Can ChatGPT Write Essays

Request that ChatGPT compose the essay.

Create a prompt with the topic, essay type, and any information you've gathered to ensure that ChatGPT provides you with the best essay possible. Here are some samples of prompts you may use to ask ChatGPT to compose an essay for you based on your topic, the required word count, and a few more requests:

  • "Create a 2000-word college essay that discusses several strategies for preventing gun violence in the US. Give information on gun laws and suggestions about how to make them better.
  • "Write a 4-page personal essay for high school about the Israel-Palestine conflict that demonstrates how conflicted I feel and why I want a peaceful resolution."
  • This question indicates that the essay's topic, length, and grade level are personal. ChatGPT will write the article from the first-person perspective.
  • "Create a four-page essay for your college application that discusses a challenge you overcame. I want to be a cartographer. Therefore I'm applying to the geography program. I have dyslexia, which is the problem. Describe how my love of maps and my dyslexia make me better at creating them.
Can ChatGPT Write Essays

Change or add to the essay.

ChatGPT may produce an entire essay from a straightforward request, but it might only include some of the information you want. By continuing the conversation with the chatbot, you may add more details or delete some of them. ChatGPT will create an updated version of the same essay if you specify the changes you wish to make. For instance:

  • School shootings are not mentioned in ChatGPT's piece on gun control. Use the question "Discuss school shootings in the essay" if you wish to talk about this subject in your essay.
  • Suppose after reviewing our college application essay that we failed to mention that our grandparents raised us. Say in the essay, "Mention that my parents passed away when I was a young child."
  • The two choices for peace?a two-state solution and a bi-state solution?were examined in the Israel-Palestine article by ChatGPT. Request that ChatGPT delete a choice if you'd want the essay to concentrate on only one. Change my essay, for instance, to emphasize a two-state solution.
Can ChatGPT Write Essays

Request sources.

Ask for sources separately because ChatGPT won't cite them in the essay. There is no way for ChatGPT to authenticate that the bot even utilized those sources, nor can it tell you where they were used in the essay it authored for you. However, you may afterward add your citations by reviewing the list of sources.

Can ChatGPT Write Essays

Using AI to Aid Writing

Generate essay topics

Ask ChatGPT for topic suggestions if you're stuck for ideas. Details regarding the sort of essay you must write, including its genre and important subject area, should be provided to the bot. In response, ChatGPT will offer a list of possible essay topics and advice on organizing your writing. You may even type in the essay criteria your teacher gave you and ask the bot to "Help me come up with an idea for this assignment." Here are some sample questions to try:

  • Please provide me with essay topic suggestions regarding the Israel-Palestine issue.
  • Ideas for a substantial article about a contemporary issue.
  • Please provide me with a list of COVID-19 argumentative essay ideas for my Political Science 101 class.
Can ChatGPT Write Essays

Draw out a plan.

Request an essay outline from ChatGPT once you have a topic in mind.[3] The framework of your essay, which is sometimes the most challenging aspect of producing a paper, will be provided by ChatGPT. To begin going, try these starters:

  • "Create an outline for an essay that will make an argument about how COVID-19 will affect the economy."
  • "Write an essay outline about effective ways to use AI chatbots in classrooms."
  • "Create an outline for a brief, two-page essay on election-related misinformation in 2016."
Can ChatGPT Write Essays

Locate sources.

Ask ChatGPT for assistance if you need help locating reliable sources for your essay. The phrase "Find sources for my paper" should be used. You may also choose what sources to utilize, such as sticking with publications that have undergone peer review or eliminating newspapers. In response, ChatGPT will provide a list of sources, each with a URL and a summary.

  • "Find advances in using MRNA vaccines for cancer in peer-reviewed sources."
  • "Show me a list of academic journal sources about Black feminism in the Black Panther movie."
  • "Please provide me with sources for a paper on the current campaigns to outlaw children's books in US libraries."

Make an essay model.

Viewing a ChatGPT example essay before you begin writing might be helpful. Avoid the temptation to imitate ChatGPT's work since teachers frequently employ AI-detection software to mark your essay as having been prepared by an AI or plagiarised. Instead, ask ChatGPT to create an essay using the data you've collected from the bot, and then use that essay as a model for your own. Some instances:

  • "Write a 4-page college paper about how global warming is changing the automotive industry in the United States."
  • "Write a 750-word personal essay for college admissions about how growing up homeless has strengthened my resolve."
  • The AI bot can reference up to 3000 words from the current chat, so you can even refer to the outline you made using ChatGPT. For instance: "Use the framework you supplied to write a 1000-word argumentative essay titled "The Impact of COVID-19 on the United States Economy." Make the case that the government should do more to assist companies impacted by the epidemic.

For grammatical editing and proofreading, use ChatGPT.

Your work may be error-checked by ChatGPT, and any necessary adjustments can be made. Before entering the essay's text into the box, you may even provide instructions like "fix passive language in my essay."

Can ChatGPT Write Essays

Create a bibliography or works cited page.

Remembering the specifications for referencing in MLA, APA, and other forms might be challenging. Fortunately, ChatGPT can make citations easier by turning your references into a bibliography authorized by your instructor.

  • One approach to do this is to put a list of the sources you've used into ChatGPT with the command "Create an MLA Works Cited page for these sources." The list should include URLs, book names, authors, pages, publishers, and other information.
  • You may also request a list of sources from ChatGPT, which you can then use to create a Works Cited or References page with those sources on it. The sources you did utilize can then be used instead of those you didn't.


Utilizing your ChatGPT-written essay as a model for your writing is advisable because it's simple for teachers, job managers, and college admissions offices to recognize AI-written writings. Write an essay like ChatGPT, but in your own words, using the framework and concepts from ChatGPT.

  • Verify facts in your essay at least twice, and ensure reliable sources support them.
  • Wait a few seconds before attempting again if you see an error message stating that ChatGPT is full.


  • You may violate your instructor's policies if you use ChatGPT to compose or edit your essay. Ensure you know the implications before utilizing ChatGPT to help you write or edit your essay.
  • Essays prepared for ChatGPT may contain factual errors, stale information, and insufficient depth.

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