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What is Bing Chat?

What is Bing Chat?

Bing Chat is an Artificial Intelligence chatbot experience that Microsoft develops. Although primarily based on the most popular AI chatbot, it is ChatGPT version 4 Large Language Model. OpenAI develops ChatGPT version 4. It enables the system to provide a similar response to how a human will answer the query o the user.

Even though ChatGPT has a crucial role in the platform, Microsoft has developed another technology, Prometheus, that enables the chatbot to connect with Bing Search Engine and generate reliable and safe search results. It provides faster and more accurate answers to both simple and complex queries. The user can ask questions based on different topics and even related to current events.

Features of Bing Chat

Different from Search

Bing Chat provides the user with a whole new search experience. It differs from the traditional search engine experience. When using a search engine, the user receives many site suggestions that contain relatable information to the query. The links may or may not help answer the user's query correctly. It is time-consuming to find the exact information required by the user.

The chatbot works differently than a traditional search. It attempts to find the exact solution for the user's query. It can perform additional functions. It can perform several complex tasks, such as poems and stories. It can write code, perform analysis of data, playing games. It can perform most of the tasks that a digital assistant can perform.

Different Conversation Styles

What is Bing Chat?

It provides multiple options to the user. The three different conversation styles include Creative, balanced, and Precise. If the user opts for creative-style conversation, it gives the Bing Chat AI more freedom when generating responses. While if the user wants a neutral response to the query, then the user can use a balanced tone instead. The user can use a precise tone when searching for a specific answer to the query. Most of the time, the user performs a search while using a balanced tone.

Another important feature provided by Bing Chat is Citations. It provides the sources of data or information provided by the chatbot. It enables the user to verify the results and guarantees the accuracy of the information provided by the chatbot. While the chatbot is intelligent, it can make mistakes, especially by returning wrong or inaccurate information online.

It enables the user to ensure the results are from a trusted website. It is better to double-check the answers. Moreover, the chat may display a webpage with links results that are frequently suggested when performing regular searches on the internet.

Image Generation

Unlike ChatGPT, which can only perform text-based operations, it is also integrated with DALL-E, which allows it to generate graphical responses. The user can create images by using the Image Creator feature. For example, you can ask the chatbot to create a picture of a Dog eating a burger at a restaurant, and it will generate a unique AI response to the query.

Chat on desktop and mobile

Initially, Bing Chat was introduced by Microsoft as a desktop application. However, because of rapid expansion in AI, it was also introduced in the MS Edge browser as the Edge Copilot. It enhanced the browser's performance as it embedded AI directly into MS Edge to provide faster results without switching tabs. It can generate different types of content and insights regarding the page the user is viewing.

In Windows 11, Microsoft has added Bing Chat to the search option in windows, but it is only a shortcut to access the experience on the browser.

The user can download the mobile application for Bing to access the chatbot on mobile devices. It enables the user to access all the functionalities of Bing Chat from Android or iOS.

Bing Chat was launched on February 7, 2023. At first, Microsoft only released the application with limited features and functionalities. The Bing Chat could be initially accessed with the Edge web browser or the Bing mobile app. There are

You cannot officially access Bing Chat from another browser other than Microsoft Edge or the Bing mobile app. There are extensions you can use, though, to enable Bing Chat in other browsers. Moreover, there were instances of unwanted behavior during long conversations. Therefore the company defined a maximum number of searches that the user may ask in a session and limited the number of sessions per day. In the beginning, the limit was set to 5 questions per session, and the user could have 50 sessions each day, but eventually, the company increased the limit to 20 questions each session with up to 200 sessions per day.

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