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ChatGPT vs Bard: What's the Difference

What is Google Bard:

Google Bard is a Chatbot that is built using the LaMDA also known as Language Model For Dialogue Applications that is powered by AI, it is used as a state-of-the-art language and it can also be used as a conversation tool. The Google Bard is officially launched on 27th March 2023 to be used by the public.

However, the Bard is given access to the users from May 10 and also added many functionalities like processing the images, coding features, and integration of the app. The Bard is used to perform the user's professional tasks around the global markets that can include developers across the globe.

ChatGPT vs Bard: What's the Difference

The Google Bard is used to interact with humans and responds to user input. It is a conversational type of model to interact with humans and is trained with a set of predefined rules or scripts. Based on the training set only it will provide the results to the input from the user.

What is ChatGPT:

ChatGPT is a model that is used for the easy understanding of the language, and this is a language-based model. ChatGPT is developed by OpenAI. It is a variation of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture, and it is used to understand and generate human understandable responses for the natural language text input. To produce the correct and appropriate responses the ChatGPT is trained on a large scale of text data. We can use the ChatGPT model in a wide range of applications, including question-answering, data converting, context generation, and language translation.

As we discussed above, we will train the ChatGPT model with a massive amount of text data that is extracted from the internet. So, the ChatGPT is a pre-trained machine learning model.

Comparison of Bard vs ChatGPT: Key Difference

Features/Characteristics ChatGPT Google Brad
Language Model The ChatGPT uses the GPT 4 (Generative Pretrained Transformer 4) as the language model The Google Bard uses the LaMDA (Language Model For Dialogue Applications) as the language model
Web Browsing The ChatGPT is mainly used to get the required information from the internet. When the user asks then it will browse through the internet. The Google Bard is a newly launched tool for conversations between the server and the human. This can also browse the information from internet.
Plugins Plugins mean if the model supports third-party applications or not. The ChatGPT will support third-party applications. Plugins mean if the model supports third-party applications or not. As it is newly launched it is not mentioned.
Coding, Math problems, and writing Assistance The ChatGPT is very effective in providing codes, solving Math problems, writing assignments or essays, etc. It is a common feature in advanced language models. The Google Brad is good at providing codes, solving Math problems, writing assignments or essays, etc.
Multilingual Support Multilingual support means the model supports different languages or not. ChatGPT only provides some languages. Brad supports various languages. It is planning to support more than 40 multilingual languages. Till now it is supporting the languages like Japanese and Korean.
Performance The ChatGPT will provide good performance when compared to Brad. It always improves the performance and tries to answer every question taken by the user. The Bard will not provide the performance as ChatGPT. It has experience issues, takes more time to respond, and also provides inaccurate solutions.
Advanced Reasoning and Creativity The ChatGPT will provide advanced-level reasoning and it also creates the best solutions to the questions. As of now, it is not mentioned about the Bard.
Release Date The ChatGPT was released on 21st November 2022. The Google Bard was released on 6th February 2023.
Public Access Access to the public is given earlier than Google Bard At first, access was given to a small list of people to get feedback. After that, it was given access to the public.
User Data In ChatGPT the user has access to their chat history. No Data
Can we stop generating solutions? In ChatGPT the user can stop getting the responses from the server. No Data
Are there any issues or controversies As of now, we don't have any issues with ChatGPT. The Bard has some issues with the model LaMDA at the launch time and also with the accuracy of the model.
Originated The ChatGPT was created and launched using OpenAI. The Bard uses Conversational AI technologies.

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