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Coding Decoding 4

16) If TUNE is coded as UUOE, LORD is coded as MOSD, how is FLAME written in this code?

  1. GMANE
  2. FLBMF
  3. GMANF
  4. None of these

Answer: A


Each consonant in the word is moved one step forward to code the word. The vowels remain unchanged. The letters F, L, and M are moved one step forward, and vowels A and E remain unchanged. So, FLAME is written as GMANE in this code.

17) If HAT is coded as 8120, how is BAN coded in this code?

  1. 2124
  2. 2114
  3. 2021
  4. 2020

Answer: B


The letters of the word are assigned a number which shows their positions in the English alphabets. B is at 2nd position, A is at 1st position, and N is at 14th position in the English alphabets. So, in this code, the word, BAN is coded as 2114.

18) If POLICE is coded as 60 in a certain code, what is the code for 'Army'?

  1. 65
  2. 70
  3. 55
  4. 57

Answer: D


The code is derived by adding the alphabetical positions of the letters of the given word in English Alphabets. So, the code for Army is 57, as the sum of positions of A, R, M and Y is 1+18+13+25 = 57

19) If pink is coded as 1691411 in a certain code, how is red coded in this code?

  1. 1854
  2. 1754
  3. 1856
  4. 1754

Answer: A


The letters of the word are replaced by their positions in the English Alphabets. R is at 18th position, E is at 5th position and D is at 4th position in English Alphabets. So, red is coded as 1854 in this code.

20) In a code, PROCESSOR is coded as ROSSECORP in a code, which of the following words is coded as RETUPMOC in this code?

  4. None of these

Answer: C


The order of letters of the word is reversed in this code. So, on reversing the order of the code 'RETUPMOC' we will get the required word which is COMPUTER.

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