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Fee Report | Student Management System in Java

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Objective/ Vision

A fee report software where admin can add/view/delete accountant and accountant can add/view/edit/delete student, check due fee and logout.

Users of the System

  1. Admin
  2. Accountant

Functional Requirements

1. Admin
  1. Can add/view/edit/delete accountant
  2. Can logout
2. Accountant
  1. Can add/view/edit/delete students
  2. Can check due fee
  3. Can logout

Tools to be used

  1. Use any IDE to develop the project. It may be Eclipse /Myeclipse / Netbeans etc.
  2. MySQL for the database.

Front End and Back End

  1. Front End: Java Swing
  2. Back End: MySQL

How project works?

To get detail explanation about project, download the document file. It includes snapshots with explanation.

Some screenshots are given below:

fee report project in java 1 student management system in java 2 student management project in java swing 3 fee report project in java 4 fee report project in java 5 fee report project in java 7 fee report project in java 8 fee report project in java 12

How to run this project

Import sql files to create tables in mysql.

Import the project on the Eclipse IDE and run it.

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