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Idioms and Phrases

6) To be above board

  1. to be honest and not trying to deceive anyone
  2. to have a good height
  3. to be free of debts
  4. looking beautiful

Answer: A

Explanation: Peter is known for his above board conduct.

7) To put one's hand to plough

  1. to irritate others
  2. to take a difficult task
  3. to take interest in painting
  4. to get engaged in unnecessary tasks

Answer: B

Explanation: Even after the retirement, he puts his hand to plough by doing big projects.

8) To pick holes

  1. to irritate someone
  2. to praise someone
  3. to criticize someone
  4. to disappoint someone

Answer: C

Explanation: It is not easy to pick holes in his speech.

9) To leave someone in the lurch

  1. to desert someone in a difficult situation
  2. to entertain someone
  3. to deceive someone
  4. to dislike someone

Answer: A

Explanation: Jack left Alex in the lurch, and Alex had to complete the project by himself.

10) To play second fiddle

  1. to come at the second position
  2. to take a subordinate position to another person
  3. to get the second chance
  4. feeling sad

Answer: B

Explanation: Tom was tired of playing second fiddle, so he planned to start his own company.

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