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Idioms and Phrases

26) A load of cobblers

  1. Rubbish
  2. Secret
  3. Very famous
  4. Very difficult

Answer: A

Explanation: I feel that his speech is a load of cobblers.

27) At one fell swoop

  1. without any doubt
  2. by chance
  3. in a single action
  4. by mistake

Answer: C

Explanation: Jack was not guilty, so the judge dismissed all of the charges against him in one fell swoop.

28) Away with the fairies

  1. very happy
  2. feeing sad
  3. full of excitement
  4. not facing reality

Answer: D

Explanation: Alex is a nice boy, but sometimes, he is away with the fairies.

29) Back of beyond

  1. a remote place
  2. crowded place
  3. religious place
  4. none of the above

Answer: A

Explanation: The farmhouse of Alex is back of beyond. It took us hours to get there.

30) Bandy words

  1. to praise someone
  2. to treat someone badly
  3. to irritate someone
  4. to argue pointlessly with someone

Answer: D

Explanation: The teacher punished Peter as he was doing bandy words with the teacher.

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