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MongoDB Query documents

In MongoDB, the db.collection.find() method is used to retrieve documents from a collection. This method returns a cursor to the retrieved documents.

The db.collection.find() method reads operations in mongoDB shell and retrieves documents containing all their fields.

Note: You can also restrict the fields to return in the retrieved documents by using some specific queries. For example: you can use the db.collection.findOne() method to return a single document. It works same as the db.collection.find() method with a limit of 1.


Select all documents in a collection:

To retrieve all documents from a collection, put the query document ({}) empty. It will be like this:

For example: If you have a collection name "canteen" in your database which has some fields like foods, snacks, beverages, price etc. then you should use the following query to select all documents in the collection "canteen".

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