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Node.js Global Objects

Node.js global objects are global in nature and available in all modules. You don't need to include these objects in your application; rather they can be used directly. These objects are modules, functions, strings and object etc. Some of these objects aren't actually in the global scope but in the module scope.

A list of Node.js global objects are given below:

  • __dirname
  • __filename
  • Console
  • Process
  • Buffer
  • setImmediate(callback[, arg][, ...])
  • setInterval(callback, delay[, arg][, ...])
  • setTimeout(callback, delay[, arg][, ...])
  • clearImmediate(immediateObject)
  • clearInterval(intervalObject)
  • clearTimeout(timeoutObject)

Node.js __dirname

It is a string. It specifies the name of the directory that currently contains the code.

File: global-example1.js

Open Node.js command prompt and run the following code:

Node.js dirname example 1

Node.js __filename

It specifies the filename of the code being executed. This is the resolved absolute path of this code file. The value inside a module is the path to that module file.

File: global-example2.js

Open Node.js command prompt and run the following code:

Node.js filename example 2

Node.js Console

Click here to get details of Console class.

Node.js Buffer

Click here to get details of Buffer class.

Node.js Timer Functions

Click here to get details of Timer functions.

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